Former national teams...

The Soviet Union- European Champions 1960, runners up 1964, 1972 & 1988.

The Commonwealth of Independent States succeeded the Soviet Union, competing at the 1992 European Championship. 

Czechoslovakia- World Cup finalists 1934 and 1962, European Champions 1976.
In the 1994 World Cup qualifiers they were known as  Representation of Czechs and Slovaks.

Yugoslavia-  European Championship runners up 1960,1968.

And 3 German teams...

East Germany (Democratic Republic)- competed at the 1974 World Cup finals.

West Germany (Federal Republic)- World Cup winners 1954, 1974,1990- 
runners up 1966,1982 & 1986. European Champions 1972, 1980 runners up 1976.

Saarland - managed by Helmut Schön,  played in the qualifiers for the 1954 World Cup and were eliminated by West Germany. Saarland was a region of western Germany occupied by France until 1956.