Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace underwent a number of kit changes in the 60s and 70s. In my opinion they were all really smart kits as well. 

Palace entered the 60s in what was one of the most modern looking kits of the day.
The hoop went and 1962-64 saw a plain white jersey...

given a distinctly continental minimalist look from 64-66. For a while Palace even took to playing home matches in their 'lucky' gold away kit.

1966 saw the introduction of the pinstripes- initially sky blue with a claret pinstripe...

Then in 1967 the colours were reversed...

and in 1969 a yellow collar and cuffs added.

1971- all change again. 

A minor tweak for the following season. 

In 1973 with Malcolm Allison as manager a significant change from claret and sky blue to red and blue. The nickname changed from Glaziers to Eagles.  

In the late 70s with Terry Venables in charge Palace were touted as the 'Team of the 80s' and sported a very American looking kit.