Fair play...

 Igor Netto
Igor Netto of Spartak Moscow is one of the legends of Soviet and Russian football.
June 6th, 1962, Soviet Union vs Uruguay at Estadio Carlos Dittborn, Arica. Soviet Union need a victory to progress. It's 1-1, Igor Chislenko, the Dinamo Moscow striker shoots from an acute angle. The ball is in the net. The referee awards the goal. Soviet captain Igor Netto doesn't believe his eyes. He asks Chislenko if it was a fair goal. Chislenko says no. As Netto suspected the ball has passed through the side netting behind the goalpost. 
Netto runs up to the Italian referee, Sgr. Cesare Jonni. Netto explains with gestures what has happened. Sgr. Jonni thanks him, and awards Uruguay a goal kick. It's still 1-1, Soviet Union need a victory to progress. In the 89th minute Torpedo's Valentin Ivanov gets the winner. 

Igor Chislenko

 Valentin Ivanov